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Tala at Nahani

Welcome to Nahani Tamaskans!

Through careful selective breeding, to improve the breed as a whole, each of our litters is meticulously planned so as to produce Tamaskan puppies that conform to the official breed standard set by the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR): the international registry for all pedigree Tamaskan Dogs worldwide.

We have been officially registered with the TDR since 2010. Though we have few litters to our name, as a devoted Tamaskan breeder we believe in quality over quantity. We aim to produce healthy puppies with exemplary temperaments and an eye-catching appearance; we look forward to making a strong contribution to the future of this unique breed.

Tamaskan Dog Register

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We are officially registered with the Tamaskan Dog Register.


January 2010 – "Nahani Nizhoni Blue" (Sapphire) arrives at Nahani!
January 2010 – Puppies BORN! ("Spring 2010" Litter)
June 2008 – "Blustag Seabiscuit" (Tala) arrives at Nahani!